LiPo4 24V 10.4Ah Lithium Battery Pack


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Replacement Aluminum color 24V 10ah Lithium LiFePo4 Lithium battery pack for the X-Treme™ TrailMaker, TrailClimber, XB-300Li & XB-305Li Electric Mountain Bicycle. Available in Aluminum.

**PLEASE NOTE: This Version 3 Battery is the only battery now available. Please see below for difference in the Versions and additional parts you may need.

Version 3: These batteries were used on models Trail Maker, Trail Climber, XB-300Li and XB-305Li manufactured in late 2013 and later. The Version 3 Battery has a key switch on the top of the battery for the on/off switch. There is a locking mechanism on the bottom of the battery to secure the battery to your bike.

Version 2: These batteries were used on models XB-300Li and XB-305Li that were built between 2010 and mid-2013. These batteries have a button on top of the battery for the on/off switch. These batteries are LiPo4 Lithium cells. If you have a version 2 battery and would like to purchase a new battery, you will need to purchase the Version 3 Battery & Charger (part #24VMTN-250-1). Version 2 and Version 3 Battery Packs use the same LiPo4 Lithium Batteries, however the silver battery case is slightly DIFFERENT therefore DIFFERENT chargers are also needed. If you are changing from a Version 2 to a Version 3 and have questions or you are unsure of your version number, you may call our Customer Service Department at (253) 777-0690 Ext 3 8am – 4:30pm PST Monday through Thursday to confirm your battery version by providing your serial number.

Version 1: If your XB-300Li and XB-305Li were built in 2009 or earlier, your bicycle came equipped with a LiMn Lithium Battery pack. These battery packs are no longer manufactured and you should upgrade to the LiPo4 Lithium battery pack. LiPo4 is the latest technology, it’s very stable, not susceptible to temperature swings, and just a much better product over the LiMn type in our opinion & the cost is the same. The cost is the same for the batteries, however you will need to purchase a new LiPo4 compatible battery charger part number 24VMTN-250-1 which is also sold on this site. If in doubt, call us to order.

If you have further questions, please contact us at (253) 777-0690.

If you need a battery pack for your X-Cursion or XB-310Li Mountain Bicycles, see part #24VMTN-200-XCUR-1.

If you need a battery pack for your Elite X-Cursion Mountain Bicycle, see part #24VMTN-200-XCUR-2.
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